Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi. It seems I have started working again. Right now I am doing wedding decorations and some unfinished works.Here I have posted 2 bread craft photo frames.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have made photo frame using cold porcelain and a doll which is still in completion. soon I will post  them. As some of my thai clay flowers were sold, I have started making again. 


Its been almost two months since I posted last.Due to several reasons such as functions and my son's board exams plus very importantly my laziness I didnt post as much as I wanted to. But last week's catastrophe in Japan shook me and it came as a jolt to all. I could not take my eyes off to what was being shown in the media and a single question keeps coming to my mind again and again. WHY? why should such calamities occur and why should god punish those innocent and hapless people. Our hearts reach out to them and our prayers for the reconstruction of japan.

     As I write this, the third reactor has also exploded and god only knows as to what would happen if the radiation spreads.This should serve as a warning for developing countries for want of nuclear energy. A country like japan couldnt cope up with this kind of crisis what  do we say about our country which is not at all prepared for these kind of situations.

 My sincere Prayers and wishes for those who survived in the  disaster for the return of normalcy of life and peace.

PHOTOS: courtesy YAHOO!
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