Friday, December 31, 2010


Today is the last day of the year, looking back I wonder how many people would rewind their resolutions , targets, and deadlines etc. Me,though  not much in to all these  new year resolution thing, but  not critical about it either. This year I also join the band wagon of these resolution takers because of two reasons. Before my surgery  I was really really busy with art classes and  work shops. But for the last two years I sort of became lethargic may be thanks to my eighteen month  recuperation period. Last year I started doing these air dry clay flowers which kept me busy a while. Now I want to start my classes again like old times, for that I  know  I need new samples and projects especially in cold porcelain which is my favourite medium. So I take  not an exact   new year resolution but a sincere mental note to work for at least two hours apart from other schedule.  Let me wait and see as to how far it works out!


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