Friday, January 21, 2011


Its been a while since my last post. Pongal came and I was very busy with purchases for my brother's wedding, I simply couldn't find time to do anything new. I was rummaging through some of my old works I found two of my oldest works. they are cold porcelain works done long time ago.
                              Cold porcelain is known as LAMASA in India I don't know the reason why it is called so. I learnt this when I was in Bombay, i.e some fifteen years back. At that time 3D clay works were in vogue like bonsais, murals  and clay fountains. Bread dough art was picking up too. And suddenly everywhere lamasa classes mushroomed. And recipes were sold for a fee . {You can sell anything in Bombay}. I also got my recipe like this .Here the tricky thing is how to cook the dough and I am sure whoever gave the recipe wouldn't know because they also did what I did.i.e bought but not learnt. The recipe said mix all the ingredients and cook on a low flame. I have made this dough several times each time something  would go wrong.  Little bit over cooked the dough became rubbery, or it will be too sticky. After so many attempts my day was made, I got the dough right. I fell in love with CP because of its smoothness and finish. But this is certainly not the same as the one made in argentina or brazil. The thing is the secret lies in the glue which gives elasticity or stretch to the flowers. What we make here using fevicol as glue is good for dolls but certainly not for flowers, you can't do the frilling with this. Anyway, I do love to make dolls and I made several but I had a few photographs only.
                           I have made this doll using cp , this is my first doll. I have used oil colours to tint the dough, and my son's broken TT racket is used as a base. It is not a great doll or something like that but I cherish the memory because the dough I made is good for the first time. The photo graph is also not that good.

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