Friday, February 24, 2012


Its been  a really long time since I did something to write about. These past months have been testing times for me  physically and   emotionally  too. First I  had a minor mishap on the road which restricted my mobility  and my arm movement too.  My pain was nothing   in comparison when I came to know that one of my closest friends is diagnosed with cancer . She is not only my friend ,but  my philosopher,guide and the driving force behind my another friend's  successful venture. She always encourages us to  push ahead.   I could not believe at first, my heart simply  wouldn't take it, but my friend is confronting  this very courageously. I know quite a few people who waged a brave battle with cancer and conquered. .  My mother in law  is a living example [ free from that for almost 22 years]  of courage and hope. My humble request to who ever visit this blog and read this , please pray for all those brave hearts out there. These months have taught the value of relatives and friends  who are the ones really understand  and share the pain, joy , anguish and agony with us unconditionally.
     These vanda flowers were made  some two months back,  I simply want some pics for this post.

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