Thursday, August 5, 2010

bread craft

When I started teaching Bread craft some seventeen years back in Bombay many asked questions as to how you would make flowers from bread and how long it will stay with out fungal formation as it is edible etc etc. I have learnt to make some flowers and fruits on a pot as it was the only thing going around that time. Then a chance to glance through a supplement of encyclopedia which has got lot of craft ideas. One section contained edible dough models which gave me a better idea of making models and not only flowers and fruits. Thanks Radhika for lending me that book. First I have made a not very ok model of deer. Since then I am making lot of things like birds, animals, wall plaques, magnets, etc. My bread sculpture has come long way in these years and looking back, I think me too with it.
The first one is a small wall plaque made some fifteen years back, the entire base and the birds are all made with bread.

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