Friday, August 27, 2010

bread craft dough preparation

                                                   BREAD DOUGH PROCEDURE
               BREAD SLICES                                            4NOs
               ZINC OXIDE                                                 1 TABLE SPOON
               FEVICOL OR ANY WOOD GLUE               APP  5-6 TABLE SPOON
               COCONUT OIL                                             LITTLE
                POLYTHENE BAG
                AIR TIGHT CONTAINER
                                    Remove crust from bread and powder in a mixer. Add zinc oxide, mix thoroughly with hands in such a way, i.e each crumb should be coated with zinc to avoid fungal formation. To this add fevicol little by little, knead to form a dough. Add coconut oil to avoid stickiness. Put it in a polythene bag and keep in an airtight container.
                                    There are some tips in making bread dough. First, always use sandwich i.e salt bread. One day old bread is even better than the fresh one. Don't use stale or sweet bread.  If done properly, this dough will keep for months.


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