Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi I am rajalakshmi sivaraman from chennai, India. One need not be an artist to appreciate the beauty of any creation be it nature or man made . My child hood has been spent on so many things like sports or books or crafts to name a few. The interest and passion for crafts stayed with me till now. I have had the opportunity to learn many crafts like embroidery, doll making , fabric painting etc. But I took a passion for clay as it is the medium with endless imaginations that I think will always be searching for learning something new from it. I am in this field for the last eighteen years teaching bread craft, cold porcelain, clay murals and air dry clay flowers. I have uploaded photographs of my works and my students' works as well. I have started off with a ganesha uruli as I am sentimental about starting with ganesha .

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